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An unforgettable sporting experience

Club Med is the number one destination for physical challenges offering over 60 diverse sporting activities worldwide. Lessons are taught by the best, our professional Club Med sports instructors, using unrivalled sporting infrastructure and world-class equipment.

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Aim for the bull's-eye at Club Med with a fun team-building challenge for your group. Lessons and equipment provided with all levels welcome!

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Club Med is a golf-lover’s dream, and there’s nothing better than a tournament set up especially for your group!

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Flying Trapeze

Whether you're a nervous beginner or a high-flying acrobat, team-building goes sky high with our specialist facilities and professional G.O's.

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All-inclusive access to courts and equipment means you can have a team-building tournament specially set up for your group.

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Tree Top

The Treetop Challenge Rope Course embodies Club Med’s eco-friendly principles. Catering to young and old alike, the Course is an innovative tool for an outdoor adventure team-building exercise.

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Rock Climbing

Challenge yourself and your group! Outdoor rock climbing is suitable for teams so you can overcome obstacles together.

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All-inclusive access allows you to learn at your own pace, individually or in groups, and still get tips from our sports G.O. team.

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Volley ball

Take a break and create a Volley Ball tournament that gets everyone involved and working together in a fun outdoor challenge.

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Allow guests a break from the conference to explore the beautiful landscape and discover natural treasures beyond the resort on two wheels.

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Guests can explore the local marine life under the water’s surface. Lessons available by our professional G.O. team.

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Guests can windsurf along the pristine waters and let the breeze reinvigorate their mind. Lessons available for beginners by our professional G.O. team.

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Get guests to take a break by hanging ten in the surf (at extra cost).

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Kite Surfing

A high-speed an exhilarating sport that will refresh and reinvigorate tired minds and souls (at extra cost).

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Keep the work, life balance flowing by allowing your guests to make the most of all-inclusive access to kayaks all day.

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Sail away in an ocean paradise. Club Med boasts a wide selection of exhilarating marine sports for all groups.

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Scuba Diving

Guests can explore an underwater world. Safe and professional scuba diving services are offered by experienced professionals (at extra cost).

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Water skiing

Guests feel a rush as they glide across the sea on water skis. Safe and professional water skiing facilities are available at Club Med.

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Transparent Kayak

There’s more than one way for your guests to plunge into an ocean paradise. They can explore the unique underwater vista in a transparent kayak.

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Jet skiing

Club Med is an adrenalin-junkie’s dream. Guests can fly across water’s surface on jet skis and feel the wind in their hair (at extra cost).

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Exclusive ski instructor for groups

Want to keep it in the team? We are also able to organise a private ski instructor for your group of skiers.

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Ski lessons by professional instructors

Immerse your group in a winter wonderland. Our professional instructors are there to ensure you all get the most out of your snow sports experience, with lessons available for all levels of ability.

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Your group can join our Club Med Ski School, where our internationally certified G.O's and instructors are passionate about teaching all levels. Free lift passes and lessons are included.

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Your group can join our Club Med Ski and Snowboard School, where our internationally certified G.O's and instructors are passionate about teaching all levels. Free lift passes and lessons are included.

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Equipment rental

The Club Med Ski Service offers equipment rental for skiing and snowboarding for your entire group. They can choose from a wide range of high quality equipment (at extra cost).

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Club Med offers an abundance of non-ski winter activities to suit your entire group. Like ice skating, snowshoeing and sliding down the slopes on a light-weight sledge.

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Snowshoes walking

Guests can strap on snowshoes and explore the winter wonderland. Club Med offers an abundance of non-ski winter activities, such as sledding and ice skating.

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Ice skating

Guests can put on their ice skates and glide across a frozen turquoise lake. Club Med offers an abundance of non-ski winter activities, such as sledding and snowshoeing.

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Horse back trekking

Guests can discover the natural beauty of a winter paradise on horseback for an incredible trail ride they'll never forget (at extra cost).

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Dog sledding

Guests can explore the winter wonderland on an invigorating dog sledding ride (at extra cost). Club Med offers an abundance of non-ski winter activities, such as ice skating, snowshoeing and sledging.

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Children's ski lessons by professional instructors

Don’t let anyone get left behind! Our ski package includes ski and snowboard lessons for children. Fun and fearless, our professional instructors are passionate about teaching all ability levels.

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Balinese culture

Immerse your group in the local culture at the magical and mythical Balinese night, once a week at Club Med Bali.

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Elephant (Bali, Indonesia)

This once-in-a-lifetime experience can be pre-booked for your entire group to enjoy. A 45 minute ride on a Sumatran elephant through villages, rice paddies and the lush forests.

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Li River Cruise (Guilin)

Soak in the incredible scenery from the water on a group excursion down the majestic river Li. National Geographic names this as one of the top 10 most beautiful landscapes in the world.

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Temples (Phuket)

Your group can visit some of Thailand’s wondrous temples and get lost in their rich culture, complete with tales and legends as told by a guide and a waterside restaurant lunch.

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Worldwide culture

Immerse your group in the local culture of nearby towns, allowing your guests to explore the natural beauty of the region. Excursions range from a few hours to full day trips (at extra cost).

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Sunset cruise (Finolhu, Maldives)

Your group can sail into the sunset and discover the beauty of the Maldives from the water. They can feel the breeze in their hair as they parasail above the turquoise sea, or simply float and let their troubles fade away.

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Premium spa treatment

Guests can unwind after a day full of outdoor adventures or conferences, and recharge and revitalise in our world-class spas (at extra cost). Club Med spas are a haven for blissful relaxation with treatments offered for guests as individuals or couples.

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Wellness area

Guests can relax and unwind in our various swimming pools, and socialise with the group or relish time alone. After a day on the mountain, groups can warm up and unwind in our muscle relaxing sauna.

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Zen Pool

At the Zen Pool guests unwind with a drink from the pool bar and take in the spectacular ocean views from the water. It is the perfect retreat for guests seeking a quiet moment away from the group (adults only).

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Yoga and meditation

Get back work, life balance for all your guests, transforming body and mind with a relaxing yoga class for individuals or whole group.

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A haven of tranquillity combining contemporary elegance with Asian tradition.

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Treat guests to a different paradise every day on your own exclusive island.

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Sahoro Hokkaido


The ultimate champagne-powder ski trails and mouth-watering Hokkaido cuisine.

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La Plantation d'Albion


A truly luxurious Resort in an idyllic setting.

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A new resort in China, nestled in one of the world’s most magnificent landscapes.

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