International Design Awards

Best Beach Hotel Award for the Finolhu Villas

Club Med’s sophisticatedly-designed Finolhu Villas won International Hotel and Property Awards 2015 in the Global Categories for Beach Hotel, raising the bar for top-end accommodation in the Maldives.
The International Hotel & Property Awards is hosted by design et al, a leading interior design magazine based in the UK. Established since 2012, the Awards are different to other design awards as they are not judged by a panel. Short listed projects are presented online, and voting is open to industry professionals as well as design et al readers, clients and customers. This year, the award received the highest number of individual votes, setting a record number since its establishment in 2012.

A stunning vision of natural beauty all who visit cannot resist the urge to soak up the blissful and serene locale. An ideal venue for relaxing, enjoying marine activities, unwinding and having romantic times with loved ones; it is undoubtedly the perfect combination for a honeymoon. Club Med would like to introduce the new Finolhu Villas, which are very close to the adjacent Club Med Kani Premium Resort, will offer you the most refined, luxury facilities and services available as well as access to the Kani Premium Resort. Club Med’s holidays allow guests the freedom to enjoy the wide variety of services and activities that our resorts offer, on their own or in the company of others. Club Med has long been a leader in the world of all-inclusive travel packages. A time of non-stop pleasure and enjoyment, enjoy all the fun you can stand and make the best memories during your long moment in paradise. The Villas adhere to high standards of sustainability out of respect for the local environment. Finolhu Villas is the first resort in Maldives to use 100% of solar energy concerning our eco-friendly motive. The Finolhu Vilas were designed to be modern, chic and in sync with their surroundings. “All Villas are built to the highest eco-friendly standards in a beautiful natural setting, using energy-saving construction techniques and solar-powered energy.” explains Mr. Afeef Hussain, owner of Finolhu Villas.

The adults-only Villas are pitched squarely at honeymooners and couples. More than anything, the Finolhu Villas’ experience is about creating lasting memories. Guests are guaranteed to have a unique experience, tailored to their personal preferences. Finolhu Villas’ guests can choose a different ambiance every day - either festive fun at Kani Premium Resort or the bespoke and more intimate experience offered within Finolhu Villas’ exclusive spaces.

Club Med Kani Premium Resort is just five minutes speedboat ride from the Club Med Finolhu. A time of non-stop pleasure and enjoyment, enjoy all the fun you can stand and make the best memories during your long moment in paradise. Guests can enjoy shows and parties with a different theme each night. At the Villas, guests can take in the romance of cinema under the stars, dance and beach events, marine conference and live music. The panoply of choices on offer gives guests the chance to enjoy a different paradise every day in a truly unique location.

Club Med’s 5T luxury space is designed to cater to the special requirements of exclusive guests opting for luxury, personal service, premium amenities, and privacy while enjoying the best of Club Med and its hallmark friendly atmosphere. Guests enjoy indulgent care, intimacy and flexibility in this exclusive area along the sea. Its circular shape, opaque roof and minimalist architecture ensure spectacular 360 degree views of the lagoon from every corner of the lounge.

The unveiling of the Villas coincides with the completion of renovations of Kani Premium Resort, which now offers an upgraded restaurant, boutique, beach bar and reception area, following improvements made to the 5 Tridents luxury space in 2013. The Kani Premium Resort renovations have been overseen by Meriem Hall. The upgrade means better premium all-inclusive services at Club Med Kani Premium Resort, enriched facilities and more benefits for guests at the Finolhu Villas.

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